Who are we?

From the ground to the ground, we are inspired by the desert scapes & the slow flow of the sand dunes. Dunes & Ripples is a woman owned brand from Kuwait. Our creations are universal, a representation & preservation of time & movement. We put the environment at the forefront of our crafting process, hence earthy. Everything we do is very slow, intimate and natural. We create pieces that feel almost like an extension to your skin, making everyone feel sexy. We make ethical comfortable wear for everyday life, slow fashion pieces that last. Everything is made from mother earth. We exist to show our customers the beauty & importance of slow, small fashion as well as passing & preserving the craftsmanship of the trade.



Dunes & Ripples was founded by Maha Alasaker.

She was first inspired to start DUNES & RIPPLES after her artist residency at Sadu House in 2019, where she learnt the basics of natural dye. During the COVID year, her interest peaked and she decided to dig deeper and learn more about natural dyes.

Maha also designed the pieces from the Dunes & Ripples collection. She approached the designs of the collection as if it was an art project, thus starting with an inspiration to draw to the whole execution of the pieces.

How we design


We produce quantities of various styles to ensure that we're producing the right amount. Our goal is to ensure that we do not produce too much stock and have leftover inventory that would become waste. 


Many of our pieces are timeless. We don't want you to have to store your clothing and only wear them based on the seasons. This extends the wear count of each garment.

Where It’s Made


All of our garments are designed, drafted and hand-made in Kuwait by the designer, local pattern-makers and seamstresses. By keeping our production within Kuwait, we are reducing the amount of travel-time throughout our supply chain and supporting our local industry. Plus, this enables us to be a part of the entire design and manufacturing process to ensure best practices are made.