4.000 KD

Dyed with LAC.

Lac – From the scale insect Kerria lacca found throughout India, south east Asia, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan and south China. Lac is found in the wild and is also cultivated. The female lac insects invade host trees and the insect secretes a resin that covers its colony. When harvested, the covering is broken off the branches and is known as stick lac. The resin is used to make shellac. The dye must be extracted from the stick lac before it can be used to colour cloth.

72 % Cotton 28 % Polyester.

Dyed in Kuwait.


Hand wash gently for best result and air dry.
Machine wash at low heat. 
Iron on low heat / steaming.  

Note on natural dyes: 

Natural dyes are often describes as “living color” they have a charm and personality very unlike the chemical dyes with the much higher energetic vibration of life. This does mean that some color may vary or fade over time. It is important to treat these heirloom pieces with love & care, keeping them out of sunlight when not wearing them and washing them gently with cool water and PH neutral soaps


EUR 36 / 38