Turmeric / S|M

80.000 KD

This jacket's all about those leftover gems from our second drops – the skirts and jumpsuits. We gathered 'em up, sorted by colors into four teams, and voilà! We jazzed up three new shades – sunny yellow, cozy gray, and regal purple. But dusty pink? It's still rocking its original charm

Dyed & sewn in Kuwait.


Hand wash gently for best result and air dry.
Machine wash at low heat. 
Iron on low heat / steaming.  

Note on natural dyes: 

Natural dyes are often describes as “living color” they have a charm and personality very unlike the chemical dyes with the much higher energetic vibration of life. This does mean that some color may vary or fade over time. It is important to treat these heirloom pieces with love & care, keeping them out of sunlight when not wearing them and washing them gently with cool water and PH neutral soaps

Size chart


Full Length from Neck 66 cm

Sleeve Length 59 cm

Bust Circumference 101 cm

Legth from Shoulder 40 cm


Full Length from Neck 71 cm

Sleeve Length 64 cm

Bust Circumference 112 cm

Legth from Shoulder 45 cm


Full Length from Neck 79 cm

Sleeve Length 66 cm

Bust Circumference 122 cm

Legth from Shoulder 51 cm